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15 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us

1. Reputable Manufacturer - Our products is directly produced from reputable manufacturer in Malaysia and overseas. They are very established company.
2. Strict GMP & HACCP Standard - Our products are manufacturer with very strict GMP & HACCP guidelines and quality control and good quality.
3. Registered with Ministry of Health - Our products are registered. So far no product claim from customer (ZERO claim)
4. 100% Delivered - All product order is 100% delivered, no lost so far.
5. Unique and hardly available - Our products are unique and hard to find in shop.
6. Self Proclaim - Our products are self proclaim because it effectiveness.
7. Result Oriented - We are result oriented company and just concern result, result and result.
8. Self Re-order - Customer is very satisfied and normally will re-order once it almost finish.
9. Delivery within 1-3 working days depends on which area in Malaysia.
10. Trust able and Sincere seller.
11. Return and Exchange – We allow return and exchange with no additional cost. Terms and Conditions apply.
12. Email Confirmation – Once completed order, “Order Confirmation” and “Payment Confirmation” will be email to customer.
13. Delivery Tracking – Once seller ship-out, email and sms will send to buyer immediately for tracking and notification.
14. Any en queries and for further clarification, do drop us an email - or facebook or follow our wechat
15. Leave us your email or mobile number, so that we can send you more info or newsletter regarding healthcare products and services.


1.信誉良好的出产商 – 我们的产品是由国内外信誉良好的出产商所制造。他们都是成立已久的公司。
2.严格的GMP和HACCP准则 – 我们的产品是根据非常严格的GMP和HACCP准则和品质管理所生产。
3.卫生部注册 – 我们的产品已经被注册。从来没有接收过顾客的投诉。
4.100% 成功运输 – 所有产品订单是100%成功运输,从来没造成过任何丢失。
5.独特,市面上少有的 - 我们的产品配方非常独特,你很难在市面上找到类似的产品。
6. 产品功效 – 我们的产品已被证实非常有效。
7. 以成效为导向 - 我们是以成效为主要导向的公司,着重于功效,功效,还是功效。
8. 自行再订购 - 顾客对我们的产品都很满意,常常在饮用完毕之前都会自行再订购。
9. 运输期限为1至3工作天,期限长短视乎马来西亚国内的运送区域。
10. 可信赖和诚挚的卖家。
11. 退货和货物更换 – 我们允许退货和货物更换,无格外收费。必须符合条款与条件。
12. 电邮确认 – 一旦订购完成,“订购确认”和“付款确认”将会电邮至顾客。
13. 运输记录 – 一旦卖家把货品寄出,顾客将立即收到电邮和短信,以此作为通知和运输记录。
14. 如有任何疑问或想要更进一步了解我们,请电邮至 –, 留言Lynnity的面子书或关注我们的微信号。

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